If you take a walk around the nursery, you will see that the Japanese ornamental cherries flower wonderfully. In most cases they flower very decoratively with a mass of flowers during or after the leaves have been formed. Besides the beautiful blossom, the trunk of various cultivars often has a nice appearance due to its beautiful lenticels. The fresh green leaves of a number of cultivars make the tree very attractive to look at in summer

We have taken a few photos of two of cultivars on the nursery that are flowering beautifully. The Japanese ornamental cherry originates from China or Japan.

Prunus ‘Accolade’
Origin: Knap Hill Nursery England (1952)
Height: 6-7 metres, vase-shaped as shrub, keeps its shape
Application: (wide) avenues, streets, parks and green spaces
Environmental factors: reasonably wind resistant,
Prefers light, sunny places
Soil: permeable, not too damp type of soil
Flowers: numerous pink hanging flowers,
in clusters of three (March -April)
Fruits: none
Leaves: elongated oval shape, pinnate edges


Prunus yedoensis
Name: Yoshino cherry
Origin: cultivated in Japan since 1868
Height: 7-8 metres, broad vase-shaped
Application: parks and green spaces
Soil: all types of soil, preferably not too damp
Flowers: flowers profusely, white (April)
Fruits: seldom, round and black (autumn)
Leaves: elliptical leaves with pointed ends
7-12 cm long, edge of leaf pinnate