We listen to people and watch them in their living environment and use our centuries-old and common sense knowledge of trees, shrubs and plants to enhance the world they live in.

We are M. van den Oever, we are Living Environment Enhancers.

Greenport for greenery

The roots of M. van den Oever have been in Haaren, the 'Garden of Brabant', for more than two centuries. Haaren has been designated Greenport for nurseries. And this is not without a reason, because the greenery that comes from the loamy, sandy soil is internationally reknowned for its abundant growth. M. van den Oever Nurseries covers an area of no less than 140 hectares, and therefore we can offer you a wide range of greenery: avenue, street and park trees, topiary trees, fruit trees, solitary shrubs and multistemmed trees, shrubs, roses, conifers, forest and hedge shrubs and perennials.

The right atmoshere for all your green projects

There are many criteria that make greenery unique: trunk, leaf colour, leaf shape, flowers, fruit bearing and seasonal changes. Together with you we find the right atmosphere for every green project. The whole year round. Our advisors are happy to make a suggestion for greenery, exchanging knowledge with you in a personal way. We supervise green projects from planning to aftercare. And of course, you are very welcome to come and take a tour of our nursery.

Seven generations of growers

M. van den Oever Nurseries originated from a small farm that was established in 1791 in Haaren. Over the centuries the nursery gradually grew. Enthusiasm, expertise and sticking to reliability, quality and service form the basis on which all the generations of growers build. These principles still have high priority.

Johannes van den Oever

(1753 – 1842)

In 1791 Johannes, who was widowed, moved to Haaren together with his children. Here, on 18-01-1801, he married Anna-Maria Bressers. When he died, Johannes left behind the nursery. A document shows that the plants were estimated to be worth seven hundred guilders.

Martinus van den Oever

(1802 – 1876)

The nursery was maintained thanks to the interest shown in it by Martinus’ wife, Petronella van Lommel. In 1840 Martinus bought a house with a cafe in Haaren. From 1836 till his death in 1876 he was also mayor of Haaren.

Simon van den Oever

(1849 – 1927)

Simon married Johanna Cornelia van Iersel. Simon was a nursery man, but he also had a farm. He was alderman in the municipality of Haaren from 1893 till 1919. His oldest son, Martijn, took over the company.

Martijn van den Oever

(1876 – 1951)

Martijn was a nursery man and in 1906 he married Maria Diliana Ivens from Ammerzoden. The couple had two sons and four daughters. The sons, Walter and Ton, took over the company together from their father.

Walter van den Oever

(1909 – 1985)

Ton van den Oever

(1915 – 1988)

Walter continued with M. van den Oever and his brother Ton established Ton van den Oever Nurseries. Ton named the landscaping company that was connected to the nursery BTL. Later BTL was sold and has become a well-known company.

Jacques & Mart van den Oever

(1988 – 2014)

Mart and Jacques are Walter van den Oever’s sons and the present owners of M. van den Oever Nurseries. Their inspiring leadership has made the nursery into a modern trading company.

Jeroen, Walter, Joost, Koen,
Jan-Willem, Cathelijne & Julienne
 van den Oever

 (2014 – present)

As of 1 January 2014 Mart and Jacques van den Oever passed on their control over the company to their sons and daughters. Mart van den Oever’s sons, Jeroen, Walter and Joost, and Jacques van den Oever’s sons Koen, Jan-Willem and daughters Cathelijne and Julienne are the seventh generation of M. van den Oever Nurseries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We aspire, in every respect, to a sustainable future through a balance between the three Ps:


A fair social policy for our employees and the people around us.


We take as much care as possible of the environment and the world we live in.


A healthy financial situation ensures a stable foundation.

Environmentally friendly cultivation

M. van den Oever Nurseries attaches great importance to the environmentally friendly cultivation of trees and plants. For this reason the whole of the nursery is certified with the Milieukeur (Eco-label). The Eco-label has strict requirements with regard to the use of fertilizers. Trees that have the Eco-label certification meet the criteria for sustainability that have been laid down by the government. See for further information: www.duurzamebomen.nl.

Biodiversity on the nursery

We stimulate biodiversity on the nursery to decrease our dependancy on fertilizers and pesticides. For example, we have hung up nesting boxes for birds. The birds eat harmful insects that would otherwise damage the trees. We also sow flower mixtures on the empty strips in the nursery. The flowers attract a lot of useful insects such as hoverflies, bumblebees, bees and butterflies.

Compost tea for strong trees

The use of compost tea (Fytaforce) also benefits a broad biodiversity in the nursery. The compost tea is a mixture of organisms that protect the plant against harmful fungi and bacteria, which in turn makes the plant more resilient.

Optimal soil conditions

The trees we cultivate grow in optimal soil conditions. By using made to measure compost with the necessary nutrients and minimal soil preparation, soil organisms remain intact.


M. van den Oever's team

Our team plays a central role in the quality of the greenery and service that M. van den Oever Nurseries is reknowned for. Below you will find the faces of our employees in the positions of purchasing and sales, administration, cultivation and logistics.


Administration and general

Nursery and logistics