On 4 October 2017, M. van den Oever Nurseries became the first large nursery in the Netherlands to be officially certified for the CO2 Performance Ladder level 3. According to Managing Director, Marwin Dekkers, this emphasizes just how serious M. van den Oever is about its own mission as a ‘Living Environment Enhancer’. “As pioneers in the field of sustainable cultivation and an innovative and natural approach to greenery for customers, it goes without saying that we ourselves have to set an example.” The official certification has been published on the website of the Stichting Klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden & Ondernemen (Foundation for Climate-Friendly Tendering & Entrepreneurship) that manages and develops the Performance Ladder. 

Customers more and more conscious of the environment
Within the CO2 Performance Ladder, a detailed inventory was made of all the machines at M. van den Oever Nurseries and the present CO2 emission at company level was calculated. We have drawn up a plan for improvement, in which it is determined how the emission of CO2 can be reduced even more. This means, for instance, concentrating on a reduction in the emission of CO2 during our business operations and outgoing transport. More and more customers in the contracting world and government select suppliers or value them especially for their transparent and measurable socially responsible entrepreneurship and sustainable policies. Or because they restrict the integral CO2 footprint in a chain of suppliers of a total design, including greenery, to a minimum.

The CO2 Performance Ladder as an instrument
The Performance Ladder is an instrument that is used to encourage companies that take part to act in a CO2 conscious way in their own business operations and when carrying out projects for customers. The focus here is on saving energy, the efficient use of materials and the use of sustainable energy. In the development of the Performance Ladder, two important starting points were chosen: maximum focus on own initiative, the realization of practical results in the supply chain and encouraging innovations regarding the actual reduction of CO2.

Status of the CO2 Performance Ladder and other endeavours
In addition to the reduction of the emission of CO2, M. van den Oever Nurseries attaches great value to growing healthy and high-quality trees, using the most environmentally friendly cultivation methods. In our sustainable cultivation methods, we utilize nature and invest in actively expanding biodiversity on our nursery by having insect hotels, beehives and nesting boxes, for instance. We also sow empty strips with wildflower seed mixes that attract bees and butterflies.
We are already certified for Milieukeur,,ISO 9001 and the NL Greenlabel sustainability passport with an A+ status.