MINISTRIAL RECOGNITION | Trees have much more influence on climate, economy, well-being and ecology than we think. Now also recognized by the parliament. In the coming years, central government wants to free up 300 million euros to implement the agreements and municipalities, provinces and water boards together promise such a same amount.

Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen speaks of a “real-do-it-now” agreement. According to her, the past year of weather extremes has again shown that extra steps must now be taken to organize the living environment differently.

See here very briefly and simply with a beautiful video explained, ‘What the value of trees is’, ‘Why and how?’:

A nice step in the right direction for all residents of the Netherlands from their Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen.



We are of course very pleased with this green recognition as Tree Nursery M. van den Oever:
However, we are now working together even better between the green, gray and spatial planning departments within municipalities, water boards and provinces to achieve greening opportunities even better and more qualitatively!

View here one of our (Dutch) presentations and our working method to improve greening and climate adaptation together at administrative and municipal level | 7 DO’s


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