Living World Improvers

We are tree nursery M. van den Oever

We listen and look at people in their environments and apply our age-old and down-to-earth understanding of trees, shrubs and plants to improve those environments. We believe that a green living world is a better world. Safer. Healthier. Nicer. More sustainable. In any season. Our goal is to make people happier by improving their lives. That is why we call ourselves Living World Improvers. A new word, combining the values of the past and the present.

Seven generations of growers

Tree nursery M. van den Oever originates from a pure farm, which settled in Haaren in 1791. Over the centuries, the nursery grew steadily. Enthusiasm, craftsmanship and adherence to reliability, quality and service are the foundation upon which all generations of growers build. These principles still stand tall today.

Real craftsmen

We know what we are talking about. Over two hundred years of experience, but still innovative every day.

Hard-working arborists

We are a real family business, where you can still just walk in the back for a good cup of coffee and expert advice.

Sober to the core

An expert and reliable green supplier. With us, what you see is what you get. Because green has to be done well or not done at all.

Social responsibility

We borrow the world instead of using it. Of course, we are here for people and nature.

Greenport Central Brabant

The roots of Nursery M. van den Oever have been in Haaren, the Garden of Brabant, for more than two centuries. Haaren has been designated as a Greenport for arboriculture. Not for nothing, as the green that comes from the loamy sandy soil is internationally known for its exuberant growth and flowering. The acreage of M. van den Oever covers no less than 140 hectares and ensures that we can offer you a wide range of greenery: avenue, street and park trees, topiary trees, fruit trees, solitary shrubs and multi-stemmed trees, shrubs, roses, conifers, forest and hedge planting and perennials.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive for a sustainable future in every way by finding a good mix between our four Ps:


A fair social policy, for our employees and the people around us.


A healthy financial situation, providing a stable foundation.


We take the utmost care of the environment and our living environment.


We want to make living & working together enjoyable.

Curious about the possibilities? Contact us

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