Trees in containers

For situations where there is limited growth space in the underground due to the underground infrastructure present, placing trees in containers may be a solution. This green landscaping softens the petrified environment and enhances the experience and biodiversity.

What should you pay attention to when placing trees in containers?
– Provide a container where the trees and/or shrubs have adequate growing space.
– Provide insulation on the inside
– Ensure proper composition of soil in the container
– Provide a watering system possibly supplemented with a senor for soil moisture.

Species suitable for placing in tree boxes include Parrotia persica (Persian Ironwood) and Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Sunburst’ (False Christ Maple). These species are available in both tall-stemmed, multi-stemmed tree and solitary. They are species that have ornamental value throughout the year. Supplementing the tree box with ground-covering perennials adds ornamental value. Consider ornamental grasses, different cultivars of geranium or species from the lipflower family (Lamiaceae) for an added boost to biodiversity.

Possible species in coastal tree boxes may include Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine), Pinus nigra subsp. nigra (Black pine), Buckthorn (Hippophae) and Olive willow (Elaeagnus).

Planting for this application