Trees on roofs

Increasingly, roofs are being designed as roof gardens combined with terraces and possibly hospitality. This combined use of space offers many opportunities in dense environments.

Several factors play a role on roofs, the most important of which are wind and permeable space. Therefore, large trees, of the 1st category, are mostly not suitable for rooftops. The smaller species with a transparent crown are suitable. The wind then has less of a hold on the tree, keeping it rooted. Of course, proper anchoring is important.

Often a roof garden depends entirely on the precipitation that falls on it. Because the roof can handle a limited load, rainwater is usually drained quickly. Species must therefore be drought tolerant.

Some examples of species for roofs include Koelreuteria paniculata, Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine), Styphnolobium japonicum, Syringa vulgaris and several species of Betula.

Roof gardens require specific knowledge, contact your account manager for advice.

Planting for this application