Trees on the coast

On the coast, there are many factors that affect the growth habit of trees, shrubs and perennials. In coastal areas, the wind often blows harder, less rain falls, and salt is carried along with the sea breeze. The sun shines there more often and more powerfully. The soil type and fertility of the soil can vary greatly from site to site. Knowledge of the habitat is therefore very helpful in choosing the right species. Yet there are several species that can grow just fine in this type of environment. On poor soils, Pinus sylvestris is a common species. Therefore, you often encounter this species on the Dutch coast. An alternative to this is Pinus nigra subs. nigra. In somewhat more fertile soil, Lime and Elm may also be suitable, for example Tilia cordata or Ulmus ‘Clusius’ or Ulmus ‘Lobel’. Due to the combination of less precipitation, sun and wind, evaporation at sea is high. Therefore, species with thicker leaves that are narrow and/or small are often suitable for coastal areas. Consider shrubs such as Buckthorn (Hippophae) and Olive Willow (Elaeagnus).

Planting for this application