Planting advice

Take advantage of our plant knowledge

What assortment do you choose for heat stress reduction? Or for more biodiversity? And is the planting plan we were given correct? For these types of questions, please contact us.

Planting advice

Are you unsure about the selection of varieties for inbirth or a planting plan? We are happy to stand beside you. With our plant knowledge and practical experience, we optimize the planting list or planting plan. We control the selection of varieties in relation to the site factors and intended objectives of the planting. We also include numbers and planting distances. You will receive a recommendation with suggestions for improvement. This advice reduces the likelihood of failure costs and penury. All this to make your green project a success.

Planting plan

Your project has been designed, but the fill-in for the planting is still missing. We design an appropriate planting plan in the following steps.


We will discuss with you the intended design of the project. What functions are there and how are they fulfilled. Equally important are your wishes and requirements regarding planting, goals to be achieved and future maintenance. Sabine analyzes site-specific factors.

Planting indication plan

We translate this analysis into a planting indication plan (BIP). It is a plan showing the location of the types of planting, the arched atmosphere and purpose of the planting. The content of a BIP is necessary for final sorting selection. We discuss the BIP with you and make adjustments as needed.

Planting plan

We develop the BIP into a planting plan. The map shows the exact locations of trees, shrubs and perennials with a code. The coding corresponds to a clear plant list. This list includes the scientific name, required numbers and relevant plant characteristics. Of course, we will explain it in a personal interview.

Delivery Guarantee

When putting together the planting plan, we consider current availability. All plants are available through our nursery.

By whom?

Sabine Sloothaak-Niessen is a garden designer and planting expert. With her extensive plant knowledge, she chooses the right plant for the right place. Through her integral view and empathy, she deploys greenery to support and enhance various functions. Her design experience ensures that the plantings fit within the architect’s intended concept. She strives for year-round appealing plantings.

For whom.

Our advisory service is available to everyone. Consider, for example:

  • Municipality
  • Gardener and landscaper
  • Recreation sector
  • Architect
  • Urban planning and traffic specialist
  • Landscape Designer
  • Wellness
  • Healthcare facility and hospital
  • School and university
  • Neighborhood association and village council

You are welcome

For inspiration or for a specific project, we are happy to show you around our nursery.

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