Green-clad streets add atmosphere and enhance the experience and livability of this often petrified environment. Depending on the width of the street and traffic volume, there is more or less room for trees. All subsurface infrastructure also determines growth space for trees. Wind, sun or shade, heat and degree of pavement also play a role in the species choice for trees in streets.

Sunlit streets create very warm growing conditions for trees during the summer. When a lot of pavement is present, little infiltration of rainwater takes place which creates very dry conditions.

Trees that can withstand this heat and drought include Koelreuteria paniculata, Celtis australis, Styphnolobium japonicum and Gleditsia triacanthos.

A suitable street tree for all conditions is Lyquidambar styraciflua. This amber tree has an upright trunk and heart branch, healthy fresh green leaves that turn purple, purplish red, red, orange and yellow in fall.

Road salt and wind can also play a role in streets. Fruit drop or drip is also less desirable in streets for traffic safety reasons. Several cultivars of Silver Lime (Tilia tomentosa) are drip-free.

Cultivars of Oak (Quercus), Poplar (Populus) and Plane (Platanus) are resistant to road salt.

Depending on the situation, several species may be appropriate. Therefore, contact us for advice and call 0411-621964.

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