Recreation Parks

Research shows that attractive plantings are critical to the experience. Therefore, planting in the leisure sector is very important.
Decorating the entrance with trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses makes the reception pleasant. Partial shade on the terrace at the recreation house can also be considered very pleasant by visitors. It contributes to privacy and provides sheltered terraces near the recreational home.

When is planting attractive? If it is healthy, well maintained and offers color and fragrance during the time a recreational home is occupied. Depending on the type of park, this can be seasonal or year-round.

Other planting requirements are low maintenance and drought resistant. During the vacation season, there is little time to maintain the plantings. Also consider trees and shrubs with or just without thorns. Depending on the location and function of the greenery, you can make appropriate choices here.

Many types of trees and shrubs are suitable. Species that occur in the surrounding landscape of the particular site generally grow well, making them a safe choice.
This can be supplemented with species that bloom in early spring such as various ornamental cherries. For color in the wintertime, evergreen species such as Ilex and Eleagnus are suitable. But also cultivars of Cornus sanguinea, for example Cornus ‘Midwinterfire’. The twigs of this shrub provide color during the winter season.

Several maples produce beautiful fall colors. For example, Acer campestre ‘Lienco’ and Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’. In spring, ornamental cherries provide color, such as Prunus avium or Prunus “The Bride. High summer Koelreuteria paniculata and Styphnolobium japonicum are beautiful flowering species that also provide plenty of nectar for bees.

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