Betula pendula | Rough birch | Multi-trunk

This graceful weeping birch has strongly drooping branches. A beautiful solitary for gardens, green spaces, parks and yards. The leaves of this tree are triangular, long pointed and have a striking yellow autumn color.



Large gardens, Small gardens, Solitary, Squares and parks, Trees in containers, Trees on roofs

Growing conditions:

(Semi-)shade, Dry (sandy) soil, Endures reasonable hardening, Moist (clay) soil, Normal bottom, Sunny, Windproof

Growth habit:

Oval / ovoid


makes few demands


April), catkins up to 5 cm long (March, green-yellow, rarely to never blooms


hanging catkins (2-4 cm)

Environmental factors:

Compaction and changing water levels have a bad effect on health, elevation, sea breeze is not well tolerated

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