Aqua gel

Aqua gel helps prevent dehydration. By applying Aqua gel after planting trees, shrubs, posplants, perennial and bedding plants, it increases the water and mineral buffer in the soil. Aqua gel is a polymeric water-binding pellet based on natural materials that is mixed through the soil. The pellets absorb some of the excess water and nutrients and release them when dry. This greatly reduces the chance of failure. The pellet contains no chemical origin and is also well applicable to the carrot by dipping the naked carrot.


After planting trees and/or solitiaries, mix into the soil round root ball/root. Mix in 200 grams of Aqua gel per m3 of soil.

For other plantings, verkeren the grains in the planting area by milling or digging, for example. At 10cm depth apply one kg per 10m2 at 20cm apply one kg per 5m2.

Products with bare carrot it is possible to dip the carrot. To make the dip, dissolve half a kilo per 100 liters and then run the root through the dip up to the root neck.


  • Buffers moisture in the soil
  • Reduces frequency of watering
  • Fine grain and ensures even distribution in the soil
  • In root dip, it gives protection to the root against dehydration


Available in packs of 20 kg


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