Carpinus betulus | Common hornbeam | Multi-trunk

Carpinus betulus is a slow-growing tree with dense broad, round-oval crown. This tree is suitable for estates, green spaces, parks and gardens. It can live up to 200 years.



Hedges and forest plants, Large gardens, Solitary, Squares and parks

Growing conditions:

(Semi-)shade, Dry (sandy) soil, Endures reasonable hardening, Moist (clay) soil, Normal bottom, Sunny, Windproof

Growth habit:

Oval / ovoid

Adult height:

First size trees 12+ m, First size shrubs 4+ m


all soil types but a preference for a nutrient-rich, loamy soil


April-May, circumferentially round, greenish, kittens, monoecious and monoecious, oblong


decorative fruit cats, on a three-part endpaper, small nut


estates, green spaces, parks and gardens

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