Crataegus monogyna | Hawthorn

The Common Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna, like the Blackthorn, belongs to the Rose family. In the course of spring, during the months of April and May you will see beautiful white flowers.The leaves are pinnately incised and the shrubs have thorns. In the past, hawthorn was widely used to fence meadows and pastures. In some landscapes, you can sometimes find pruned Hawthorns with very thick trunks that can be hundreds of years old. Hawthorn is a good species for birds and other animals that can find shelter among the leaves and under the branches.



Hedges and forest plants, Large gardens, Small gardens, Solitary, Squares and parks, Trees in containers, Trees on roofs

Growing conditions:

(Semi-)shade, Endures reasonable hardening, Moist (clay) soil, Normal bottom, Sunny, Windproof



Adult height:

Second size shrub 1-4 m

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