Fagus sylvatica ‘Rotundifolia’

This Fagus sylvatica ‘Rotundifolia’ has a slow growth habit with a narrow pyramidal shape, clearly wider with an ovoid crown when older. The small dark green leaves are glossy green, almost round.


Available in size:

12-14 cm, 14-16 cm, 16-18 cm, 18-20 cm, 20-25 cm, 25-30 cm, 30-35 cm


Large gardens, Solitary, Squares and parks

Growing conditions:

(Semi-)shade, Dry (sandy) soil, Normal bottom, Sunny

Growth habit:

Oval / ovoid

Adult height:

First size trees 12+ m


humus-rich soil, not too wet, preference for a well-permeable


small inconspicuous flower catkins (May)


at older ages only to bear fruit, nuts in a brush-shaped napkin

Environmental factors:

sensitive to wind

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