Ostrya carpinifolia | European Hop Beech

The European Hop Beech is a slow-growing tree suitable for small and medium-sized gardens. The gray-green trunk has irregular vertical grooves. This versatile tree has something to offer in several seasons: in March-April, the tree blooms with male birch-like catkins, followed by decorative fruits resembling the bells of hops (hence the name). After its double serrated green leaves, Ostrya carpinifolia turns a beautiful golden yellow to orange in fall.



Large gardens, Small gardens, Solitary, Squares and parks, Streets

Growing conditions:

Dry (sandy) soil, Endures reasonable hardening, Normal bottom, Sunny, Windproof

Growth habit:

Oval / ovoid, Wide rising

Adult height:

First size trees 12+ m


Southern Europe and eastern Turkey




yellow-green kittens


fruits resemble bubbles of hops, nuts

Environmental factors:

hardy and wind resistant

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