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This fast-growing tree has a beautiful, distinctive peeling bark. In winter, this tree has nice ornamental value due to its characteristic round, prickly fruits. The common sycamore is common as an espalier and roof tree because this tree can be pruned well.



Large gardens, Small gardens, Solitary, Topiary trees

Growing conditions:

(Semi-)shade, Endures reasonable hardening, Normal bottom, Salt resistant, Sunny, Windproof

Growth habit:

Round / flattened round, Wide rising

Adult height:

Third size trees up to 6 m


Cross between Platanus orientalis and Platanus occidentalis, England +- 1670, Oxford


not too poor soils, the tree needs limited space for roots


spherical, yellow-green heads (May)


around, brown, hang on the tree until spring, prickly, usually 2 together

Environmental factors:

can withstand air pollution well, hardy tree and very wind resistant

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