Sequoiadendron giganteum | Giant sequoia

The Giant Sequoia is an exceptionally large tree, the largest tree in the world. The crown is narrow and conical. The ends of the branches bend forward. The bark reddish brown, thick, soft and fibrous. Later, the bark becomes darker and furrowed. The tree requires a lot of space over time.


Available in size:

Bare root, Wire clod


Large gardens, Solitary, Squares and parks

Growing conditions:

Moist (clay) soil, Normal bottom, Sunny

Growth habit:

Feathered, Vase-shaped / cone-shaped

Adult height:

First size trees 12+ m


all soils, preferably nutrient-rich


flowers inconspicuously


5-8 cm long, ovoid shape

Environmental factors:

the tree requires a lot of space over time, windproof

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