The TreeDiaper buffers (rain) water and slowly releases it to the soil. As a result, it helps prevent desiccation and prevents burrowing. The TreeDiaper is filled with water-absorbing pellets. The treediaper has a pool-like shape and so easily fits around the trunk of a tree.


  • The buffering capacity of the TreeDiaper means fewer watering sessions are required
  • The Treediaper also acts as an anti-root cloth that prevents weeds from germinating in the tree bed
  • The product can last for years and can withstand irradiation from sunlight

Available in:

  • Small: diameter of 60 cm (moisture buffer of 35 liters)
  • Medium: diameter of 90 cm (moisture buffer of 70 liters)
  • Large: diameter of 120cm (moisture buffering of 140 liters)


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