M. van den Oever undergoes CO-2 performance ladder certification

Market orientation

M. van den Oever has set itself the goal of continuously being at the forefront of sustainable practices. We have recently decided as ‘Improvers of the World©’ to set a good example ourselves and be one of the first tree nurseries to score high on the CO2 performance ladder.

Managing Director Marwin Dekkers states, “We at M. van den Oever notice that more and more of our customers are focusing on more socially responsible and sustainable business operations. Not only the government, but the business community in particular sees it as an obligation to keep our earth and its natural resources available for generations to come. So that they can still meet their needs in the future.”

Investing in our future

M. van den Oever sees it as her mission to invest in the future to contribute to making our living environment greener. A greener world is a better world. Moreover, more trees in our environment directly help convert harmful CO2 in the air to oxygen. M. van den Oever sees living trees as one of the better “alternative” renewable energy sources because they guarantee the best CO2 reduction over their lifetime.

The CO2 performance ladder as a tool

The CO2 performance ladder is a tool to encourage participating companies to act in a CO2-conscious manner in their own operations and in the execution of projects for clients. In particular, this involves saving energy, using materials efficiently and using renewable energy. In developing the CO2 performance ladder, two main principles were chosen: maximum focus on own initiative and realization of practical results and innovations with respect to actual CO2 reduction.

CO2 performance ladder status

Meanwhile, version 3.0 of the CO2 performance ladder has been developed by the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO.nl). In it, the ladder has become more broadly applicable to all sectors. There is growing appreciation abroad for the carbon performance ladder as a tool that is tougher and has more growth potential compared to other initiatives such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, for example. In addition to the introduction of the CO2 performance ladder now, M. van den Oever is already sustainably certified for: Milieukeur, NL Greenlabel A status, ISO 9001 and ISO 26000.