Film Mart & Jacques van den Oever

Mart van den Oever, arborist in heart and soul

In a two-part film made by the Dutch Dendrological Society, Mart van den Oever looks back on his life as an arborist, along with Huib Sneep.

About the right tree in the right place, solid plant knowledge and knowledge and skill to grow trees and bring them to maturity. History and the Tree Mirrors written by Frans Fontaine are also discussed. As well as the seeded tree and the well-known select Fagus sylvatica ‘Black Swan’. LINK to Part 1

It also looks ahead, to the future, for example, species such as Sycoparrotia, Sorbus ‘Dodong’ and Nyssa sylvatica deserve attention.

Part two focuses extensively on the trees around the office in Haaren and in Jacques van den Oever’s private garden. A valuable collection of trees, showing their mature habitus. Mart and Jacques talk about the origin, characteristics and age of the trees. LINK to part 2

Watch parts 1 and 2 on NDV’s YouTube channel.