Available: organic (SKAL) trees from our own nursery

SKAL bomen

Three years ago stwe started growing trees under the guidelines of SKAL. The conversion period is now over. The trees are now with SKAL certificate available.  

A sustainable way of working is for onthey nursery no news. As since 2003 the entire nursery has been certified, then Eco-label, now On the Way to PlanetProof 

Twenty years ago it became clear that the fertility of cultivated land was declining. The soil’s ability to recover and resilience was gone. The search was on for a way to grow with nature.  Now is oour way of growing focused on sustainable soil management, natural pest control, economical use and reuse of natural fertilizers and use of clean energy 

By applying compost, mulch of prunings, dormant years with green manures, leaf mulch, stone meal and other natural fertilizers has improved soil structure. Chemical pesticides are a thing of the past.  

Fertility and resilience is back. This is reflected in the cultivation results. Our trees are healthy and resilient.  The step to the under SKAL guidelines growing trees was therefore small and easy.  The assortment SKAL trees is expanded annually. In the transition period, the trees are available under SKAL in formation. It currently includes 90 different species and cultivars.  


In addition to growing SKAL trees we are certified SKALsupplier. This means that we SKAL plantings may deliver. You can therefore contact us for SKAL trees, shrubs, forest and hedging plants, perennials and bulbs.  Are you interested in SKAL trees, please contact us for the current offer.