Carpinus betulus ‘Orange Retz’

Dhe Carpinus betulus ‘Orange Retz’ is a newcomer to our range. It is compact and has a beautiful fall color. A beautiful solitary.

This cultivar was selected for 2000 by Jean Blondeau of Boomkwekere Minier in France. The species is notable for its compact growth in the juvenile phase and striking flaming orange fall color.


The tree grows compact and upright. A mature specimen has a broad oval-round crown. After 10 years, the tree has a height of about 6 meters and mostly the same width. In its young years, the tree grows compact and tightly upright with a narrow oval growth form.

Carpinus betulus ‘Orange Retz’ likes a position in full sun or partial shade. In terms of soil type, it is not very demanding, although a moist, loamy, permeable soil is preferred.

In spring, the leaves sprout bronze. This turns to bright green and becomes orange in the fall. The leaf is egg-shaped and has a double serrated edge. The tree is deciduous.

In April/May, the tree blooms with male and female yellow catkins. Flowering is unremarkable. However, the fruit, on the other hand, has much ornamental value. The nuts hang together in a cluster. Each nut surrounded by a fruit leaf. In this cultivar, the fruit leaves also turn orange in autumn.

Because of its compact growth, suitable for smaller spaces in public green spaces and gardens. However, keep in mind that without pruning, the tree will grow into an almost round crown.
We therefore recommend using the tree in larger modern or landscaped gardens and as a solitary in public green spaces. If maintenance pruning is not a problem, the application possibilities are endless.

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